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     Hello, and welcome to my little bit of cyberspace.  I'm a long time, avid collector of Autopoint and Realite and Realpoint fountain pens (and mechanical pencils).  I've put together this simple primer for these fountain pens, since they're hard to find and since I have yet to locate even one catalog or advertisement which would help identify them.

     What you're going to see on these pages is what I like to collect.  Any opinions expressed about these fountain pens are based on the various pens I've had the good fortune to collect and own, and the additional pens I've handled that were owned by fellow enthusiasts.

     The first item I've posted simply as a PDF file.  You can read it with Adobe Reader, just by clicking on the link.  Autopoint Realite Beginnings  A second essay, about the early logos used by the Autopoint Pencil Company and the approximate times those logos were used, is also posted here as a PDF file.  Just click on the following link.  Early Autopoint Logos  A third short essay, about how to disassemble and repair the "spiral" mechanical pencils produced by Autopoint, is also posted here as a PDF file.  Just click on the following link.  Repairing Spiral Pencils  More to follow when I get some more rainy days!

     Please note that all images, text and other content on these pages is copyrighted, and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the express written permission of the author.  Personal use of this content is cheerfully permitted.  And you can make links to this web site from other pages.

     If you have additional information, pictures or ephemera that you'd be interested in having added to these pages, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I'm always happy to provide proper attribution for material which expands this content.

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